Tuesday, May 7, 2013

ebook psikologi

E. Molinari, A. Compare, G. Parati, "Clinical Psychology and Heart Disease"
Springer | 2006 | ISBN: 8847003776 | 515 pages | File type: PDF | 5,7 mb
This book provides a comprehensive overview of epidemiologic, experimental, and clinical data evidencing the emergence of cardiac psychology as a specialty. It offers a thorough and up-to-date review of the scientific research supporting the relationship between cardiac disease and psychological condition, practical suggestions for developing a clinical practice and directions for future research in this new field of "cardiac psychology". The first part provides an overview of the psychological risk factors for cardiac disease. Emphasis is placed on physiological basis of mind-heart link, depression and anxiety, personality and relational aspects, and on advanced statistical tools for the study of personalities at risk. The second part offers a systematic overview of literature on psychological treatments in cardiac rehabilitation. The volume will be a very useful tool not only for professionals in cardiology, rehabilitation, psychology and psychiatry, but also for residents in these specialties.

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